Stanisław Zarychta

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great satisfaction that I proclaim that the 14th edition of the BALT- MILITARY- EXPO Baltic Military Fair, which will take place on June 20 and 21, 2016 in Gdansk, will again create preferable conditions for the development and upgrade of the Polish armed forces and the Polish Navy.

The situation on sea basins has been dynamically changing, not only in result of the technological revolution that has taken place in developed countries, but as a result of the threats which have been recurring for years. Considering the need to integrate the Polish military industry with the industries of our ally states, as well as our participation in international research and development programmes, the extraordinary value of international meeting platforms, such as the Baltic Military Fair, becomes undeniable. It is thanks to such meetings, the exchange of experiences and the presentation of specific products that the Polish Navy has had more beneficial conditions for the implementation of upgrading processes to match the contemporary challenges at sea by introducing state of the art solutions for command and weaponry systems.

The three-decade history of the Baltic Military Fair, both in the exhibition and in the conference part, is the best proof of the demand for such meetings in this part of Europe. I am convinced that the outstanding turnout of Polish representatives and guests from nearly twenty countries from all over the world will once again confirm the level of the BALT- MILITARY- EXPO fair, and that the expectations concerning numerous aspects of modernization of the Polish Navy will be accounted for.

Deputy Admiral Dr Stanisław Zarychta
Commander of the Maritime Operations Centre – Commander of the Maritime Component