Mirosław Mordel

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 2016 BALT-MILITARY-EXPO exhibition and NATCON conference taking place in Gdansk is set to be the largest event in area of the Baltic Sea. This year’s fair is going to present the latest developments in the field of command systems, maritime armaments, maritime security of critical infrastructure and entire maritime safety. Baltic Military Fair, which is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense and Inspectorate of the Polish Navy, are also perceived as a professional and appreciated meeting platform commonly use for exchanging of views and ideas between defense technology producers and their users.
The dynamically changing geopolitical situation in relation to the slow changing technical resources is going to be the latest challenge against which the future users will be forced to face. The development of unmanned and modular systems enforces the necessity for constant modernization and technological development of the maritime industry.

The rapidly growing expansion of coastal economic zones, exploration of regions rich in energy resources and the necessity of safety protection of sea lines of communication unprecedentedly changed the safety of maritime environment. The current sea Order is the result of changes taking place in response to fast growing asymmetric threats and immediate reaction for change the balance of regional and global military power.

The BALT-MILITARY-EXPO fair and their organizers would like to:
  • build a platform of mutual understanding;
  • exchange of knowledge in the field of marine technology;
  • indicate modern technological trends in the world;
  • made survey and reconnaissance needs of users in order to made fully satisfactory offer having reflection in fruitful and lucrative contracts.

Therefore we look forward to welcoming creative people, people with passion, senior delegations, key decision makers, experts, buyers and visitors from all over the world to contribute and benefit from state of the art maritime security systems providing complex protection at sea.

Rear Admiral Miroslaw MORDEL
Inspector for the Polish Navy,
General Command of the Polish Armed Forces