June 20-22 Gdańsk, Poland

Robotics around us is progressing at a pace which has not been witnessed. It covers both civil space, as well as the modern battlefield. We can experience robots presence every day, and it will grow and involve more and more areas. Improvement of the control systems, has evoked the world unmanned machines and algorithms closing to artificial intelligence. At the same time the questions, doubts and controversies appeared, especially against the use of drones in the area of security and defense.

Progress has made it possible to create robots which can operate in all three elemental: on the sea and inside the depth, in the air and on the ground. Each of these elements makes its requirements, which are the challenges for developers and users. Thus, the each of the elements inspires more and more new designs and solutions. Their diversity makes it originated need to establish a comprehensive forum for the exchange of experiences, showcasing the achievements and cooperation.

Therefore, we invite to an exhibition of solutions unmanned robots including sea, air and land - Unmanned Sea Air Land Systems Exhibition (USEALS). The exhibition will be held under BALT-MILITARY-EXPO (20-22.06.2016) in Gdańsk.

To meet the expectations, we invite all those who want to present their unmanned systems as well as parts, solutions and components. We hope that the formula we have proposed will find the wide range of exhibitors from students’ work, companies, scientific and research institutes.

Organised by
MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co
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Exhibition & Convention Centre AMBEREXPO

project director – Marek Buczkowski
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