Police specialized equipment


2. Police specialized equipment

a. Police technology
Person identification software, including at mass events (visual monitoring,
person-face identification, access cards)
Covert vision and sound recording in public place, bugging devices, micro cameras, etc.
Satellite navigation GPS software and hardware, numeric charts, person or
building surveillance
Internet crime detection and elimination support software
Internet end user identification software
Analysis computer systems - criminal analysis
b. Traffic control devices
Speed measurement and documentation devices (radars, photo-radars, video-radars)
Accident investigation van equipment, including:
- thermal cameras (for reconstruction of ABS stopping path),
- electronic pressure gouges
- devices for measurement of car windows transparency
- devices for examination of cars and determination of VIN number
Software and hardware for accident documentation support – spherical cameras, video cameras, cameras, numeric charts and GPS
Devices and equipment of duty traffic control cars:
signalling displays with programmed inscriptions
Crime or criminal offences recording devices
Devices to control and record events of exceeding prescribed speed limit
Quick breath analysers and drug testers without mouth-piece
Sound level meters
Traffic police personal equipment (traffic wands, whistles, flash lights,
communication equipment)
Red light cameras
Mobile diagnosis stations
Communication systems and devices for traffic control police
Car accidents causes analysis software
c. Crime laboratories equipment
Technical examination of documents devices
Devices for comparative examination of round cases and bullets
Optical devices for criminal examination
Genetic examination devices
Fingerprint examination devices, including fingerprint scanners
Crime scene investigation devices and material, including spherical camera for
recording support
Cameras and video cameras – both analogue and digital
Facial composites
Chemical analysis devices
Electron microscopes
Cyanoakryl chambers
Forensic illuminators