Polish Navy ships


1. Polish Navy ships – armament and equipment

a. Frigates - armament and equipment
b. Corvettes - design, armament and comprehensive equipment
c. Patrol vessels - design, armament and equipment
d. Transport ships - design and equipment
e. Mine hunters/ mine countermeasure vessels – design and equipment
f. Submarines - design, armament and equipment
g. Multipurpose ships for support of the Polish Armed Forces operations – design and equipment
h. SAR ships - equipment
i. Reconnaissance ships
j. Specialized auxiliary ships
k. Command ship – equipment
Hardware and software for command support
Hardware and software for command automated
Hardware and systems for communication
Crypto devices
l. Missile systems – surface-to-surface
m. Anti-ship missiles
n. Artillery
o. Passive and active ECM systems
p. Special equipment for ASW and MCM vessels, in the area of stroke endurance and physical fields
r. Underwater systems:
sea mines and counter mine systems
integrated systems for underwater situation monitoring
active and passive sonar for underwater situation monitoring
underwater communication systems
s. Passive ship defence materials, systems and equipment